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PUB.lication presents AUCLAIR + TANYA WELLS

May 27, 2014

PUBlication Flyer_5_Auclair web

On Wednesday June 4th, PUB.lication Presents returns for it’s fifth date! If this were a relationship we’d be leading up to the ever-awkward ‘so…where is this all going?” conversation. And I’d be like, who knows? Let’s live in the moment, take each day at a time, let’s not overthink things, it will ruin the magic!  But I’d just be playing it cool because with every new event, I get more excited and it looks like things could be getting serious. *Blushes* But just look at this line up!


We’ve been stalking following one-woman band Tanya Auclair for a healthy period of time. Back in 2010, I first remember seeing her blue-bearded and shaven-headed in the YULT video for Inland Empire and I followed the trail until I happened upon the Thrum EP that she’d released a month earlier. Not long after there was a second EP and one of my all time favourite Run For Covers but for a while it was all quiet on the Auclair front.

But now with a full band in tow and new EP Semaphore due out in the summer, Tanya is back as Auclair. Co-produced by Marc Pell [of Micachu & The Shapes], ‘Jupiter & Venus’ is the a taster of what’s in store:


Tanya Wells

First of all, I would just like to point out that I did not realise I’d booked two Tanyas for quite a while. Second of all, I would like to start this little chat off with this track:

See! At first, you’re like ‘Oh, a cover of ‘No Diggity’, how nice…’ and then just as you were settling in, 1.27 minutes later, you’re thinking ‘wow, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s ‘Dam Mast Qalander Mast Mast’, I was not expecting that…!’

Ok, I lied, I had no idea what Indian song Tanya Wells had so seamlessly merged into Blackstreet’s seminal 90s single but please don’t hold my ignorance against me. I was still fully blown away. I love the way Wells so comfortably mixes folk with soul and elements of classical Indian music. Just have a listen to this:

Check out the event of Facebook here!!!

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