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PUB.lication presents MYRIAD FOREST + NIOMI EVE

March 19, 2014

PUBlication Flyer_4_Myriad Forest

PUB.lication Presents is back on Wednesday April 2nd and I am – as usual – madly excited about our line-up! I am slowly picking up tips on how to host a night successfully but of course I am doing it all the hard way. In July, I learnt that my forehead is bigger than I expect it to be and I must steer clear of switched on microphones on stage. In October I learnt that I can not drink to calm my nerves until the point that I lose my phone. And in January, I learnt that I can not drink so much the night before that I’m so hungover I have to make all the announcements [badly] whilst hiding in the sound booth. Anyway, it’s not about me [THANKFULLY!] it’s about this space jam of a line-up:

Myriad Forest

I’ve already had a little freak out about Myriad Forest and I can’t wait to see them mash it up on the Hootananny stage. One of things that I love about the Hoot is that they don’t scrimp on their sound equipment and Myriad’s blend of afrobeat and trippy jazz and electronics and battling saxophones is going to sound so delicious! And here is just a little taste:


Niomí Eve

Niomí Eve first showed up on my radar when I heard about an NX Records event at the Southbank Centre and listened to a track called ‘Games’ by Scopic Frames [which you can hear at 17:32 minutes in on this Soundcloud] that she had featured on. I am in love with how delicate Niomí’s voice is – it’s as if she ‘s lightly dusting all her songs for fingerprints and in my head, the stark contrast between her minimal and subtle song-writing is going to be in beautiful juxtaposition with Myriad Forest’s roar.

[Also if anyone can tell me out to get that little accent over the i on a keyboard please let me know in the comments section. Copying and pasting is not efficient… ]



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