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New Music: Hester – Thunder Love

February 27, 2014


My mum always tells me about the time when I was still going to my local Kindergarten in the small village I grew up in and how whenever I’d bring crafty projects home, I would just lob them in her general direction without any sense of pride or achievement in what I had supposedly made. This is because my Kindergarten teachers and assistants at the time would practically make your craft projects for you – probably because they thought that your parents didn’t really want whatever crap you could actually cobble together with your unskilled four-year old fingers.

So apparently on the first day I came home from a new Kindergarten class with an artwork I’d actually made myself, my mum said I handed it to her like I was presenting her with a lost Vermeer masterpiece. It didn’t matter, that in reality, it was just a bit of paper with a few very sad pieces of macaroni glued to it.

Oh dear,  I had a point when I began writing this but I think I might of lost it somewhere…

I think what I’m trying to say is that while you’re still a chubby-cheeked little four-year old, you should probably milk the fact that you can present your family with your slightly shit creative endeavours and they’ll respond to you like you’re a mini Mozart in the making. Because at some point, you’re gonna get to an age when even you’re ever loyal family will give up pretending.

Which is why the first time I went to check out  Hester, who were playing one of their earliest gigs in the glittery cellar of a deli  just outside Tulse Hill Station I floated back home, red in the face and elated. They may be family, but that has nothing to do with why they’re one of my new favourite bands and why I was very excited to have them headline at out most recent PUB.lication Presents night back in January.

They’ve just released ‘Thunder Love’ as one of their first full band recordings and it perfectly showcases this very talented, six-piece fresh out of the Brit.  They’ve got lyrics and lovely voices and they’ve got a trumpet. I do love a trumpet. Check out their track below and then go stalk them on t’internet

[Drawing courtesy of Alice Bloomfield]

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