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Pink Is My Favourite Colour

February 20, 2014






This isn’t going to plan. I was really just looking for an excuse to post the Aerosmith ‘Pink’ video. This plan I had in mind was:

1. Google ‘pink everything’

2. Find a suitable, beautiful but essentially banal image

3. Write about how happy Steven Tyler and his extreme vocal acrobatics make me.

It could’ve been so simple.

But then I googled ‘pink everything’ and the first thing I see are these intriguing images above. And now I have to explain why I have photographs of young girls surrounded by their ‘pink phase’ possessions juxtaposed with a song about only mildly disguised to be about female genitalia [a Grammy-award winning song about female genitalia nonetheless…]. Awkward.

Saving my obsessive Aerosmith  monologue for another day, let’s talk about these stunning photographs. Taken from a series called The Pink & Blue Project, the artist responsible is South Korean [via New York] JeongMee Yoon. A project that initially began with Yoon’s own daughter, it eventually grew to include not only other young girls obsessed with all things pink but also boys and their blue possessions.

For one, Yoon’s series is a fascinating study of the relationship between gender and consumerism. It’s hard to say where I stand on this for I still remember my pink phase – the deep emotional tie that I shared with my kindergarten boyfriend was that our favourite colour was pink. I also had loads of Barbies and My Little Ponies, my favourite outfit was a pink Minnie Mouse matching skirt and jumper set, I wanted to be a Princess Ballerina when I grew up, y’know the usual… But then I also had quite a bit of Lego and a train set and one of those Fisher Price garages for cars [with the lift!]. It’s quite hard to say how much of all that affected my current lifestyle and the relationship I have with my gender and its social position.

I did get really peeved though the other day when I noticed that Kinder Surprise Eggs [another childhood obsession of mine] had joined in with the ridiculous notion of colour coding. It’s supposed to be a SURPRISE…and if it’s another shitty race car with tiny racing stripe stickers that your fat, clumsy fingers can’t put in the right place and then they end up stuck to one another and finally crumpled in a tiny, sticky ball and you’re in tears because you didn’t get the Hippo figure with the swim ring that you’re missing from your almost complete collection… then as a young person you’ll learn [very early on] how to deal with disappointment.

Of course, one day, when you just want to confess your love of Aerosmith on your unsuspecting music blog, the pent-up emotions will ALL BOIL OVER AND LOOK WHERE WE ARE NOW! DAMN YOU KINDER UBERRASCHUNGSEI, WHERE’S MY HIPPO!!!

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