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Pop Fashion – Erykah Badu x Givenchy

February 11, 2014




What a babe.

Can I call the mighty Ms Badu ‘a babe’? Is that kosher? [I did see a video on YouTube that was explicitly dedicated to her booty so obviously nothing is sacred.]

I started a list the other day [ooh you know I love a list…] of my Top 10 Life-Changing albums. I wanted to write a little blurb for each one but I came across two rather large stumbling blocks. First, I couldn’t think of a solid ten albums which is probably because I still need to finish living. Life-changing albums don’t come along everyday. Second, I couldn’t be arsed to write a blurb for each one of them. So lazy with words these days. But I did start writing one about Erykah’s Mama’s Gun which I will share with you below:

If the pubescent angst of my early teenage years was expressed through Skunk Anansie, Marilyn Manson and heavy eyeliner, the latter, post-virginal years evolved with the rise of Soulquarian-era neo soul.

D’Angelo’s Voodoo and Erykah Badu’s Mama’s Gun were my emotional and sexual confidants, their deeply-rooted rhythms the window into a garden of earthly delights and all the masochistic pleasures of grown-up heartache. Ms Badu sang about her ninny’s sagging down low when, at just 17, breasts were still a fairly new phenomenon for me – but regardless her wisdoms resounded. Loudly.

I reshaped every lyric of that album to reflect my own experience to the point where now, Mama’s Gun might as well be part of my genetic make-up. Inevitably, I have reached and now surpassed the age that Erykah was when Mama’s Gun was released…

Yeah, I said started. I didn’t say finished.

I couldn’t find the right the words to express how Ms. Badu’s music accompanies me through everything. Fucking everything. And, yeah she’s a babe. A babe that I revere – highly. It doesn’t surprise me that Givenchy’s Riccardo Tisci wants to drape his designs all over her because she can rock anything. I mean really ROCK it. I tried on a top hat the other day and I looked like an idiot.

Erykah in a top hat = a goddess.

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