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February 11, 2014

miss ronai fabian hart

The dream boy that is Fabian Hart woke me up at 7:48 yesterday morning with a 15 year old photobooth shot of me at the only time in my life that I have ever had short short hair, wearing oversized Morgan [De Toi – if you don’t know your 90s labels, get to know] sunglasses and my Dad’s old bow tie.  Followed with this text:

‘Moin! Can I use that picture to illustrate an article about you and PUB.lication on Hart?’.


Fabian is a master of the German language and I don’t think I could do his article any justice with a full translation and I’m too awkward to accept praise gracefully. But it does recall how we met eight years ago on the intern bench at Wallpaper* Magazine here in London. Whenever he could take a break from the fashion dungeon [it didn’t become a cupboard until they moved to the Blue Fin building on Southwark Street], he was on phone duty – ‘working up a sweat trying to perfect the British accent using his schoolbook English‘ [his words not mine, Fabian has a lovely accent]. After a couple of weeks, I unleashed my German on him. He calls it perfect and accent-free but also like I’m having to organise my vocabulary before every sentence…argh, der die das I hate you! Eighteen years in Germany and I still don’t get it! Why is the table masculine? Why!!

Brush up on your Deutsch, here!

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