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Run For Cover: Caitlin Rose – Piledriver Waltz

April 17, 2012

Alex Turner run for cover! Caitlin Rose has bravely taken on Arctic Monkeys frontman’s solo effort as a special release for Record Store Day and has already started the usual comments section war of the Turner superfans with this new video on YouTube.

MrKingOnee said

“Nice cover… obviously this song is by Alex and only he can make it so magnificent”

PSExposed [who is on much more formal terms with the singer] said:

“I like the choice of song but she is no match to Alexander.”

arnovo made this genius statement:

“arctic monkeys and alex turner are the best. but i like this cover. i don’t know exactly why but probably because i think this lyrics sound a little bit girly…”

ryandeceptacon took it all very seriously:

“killed an amazing song. die.”


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