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Mixtape: The Wonderful World Of Roses Gabor Vol. 1

March 29, 2012

With a tracklist of collaborations to make your eyes water, London gal Roses Gabor released this mixtape at the end of January [I was jumping naked into a lake in Zurich at the time…]. At first I thought it was seriously overwhelming – like being stuck in a wind tunnel with 20 songs being blown through at once – but then I realised I had a another page open that was playing Jurassic 5 ft. Nelly Furtado. Oops.

I also had to grab this quote of Pinboard [which is where I did eventually find this mixtape]: “Entitled The Wonderful World of Roses Gabor, going by the mixtape, I assume her world is full of partying, dancing and more partying.” Giggle.

P.S. Scroll down for the SBTRKT video ‘Pharoahs’ that features Roses Gabor. It came out in September and I missed it and sometimes it’s healthy to assume you weren’t the only one.

Roses Gabor x Mac Band – Stupid Roses Are Red feat. The MC Campbell Bros **
Roses Gabor x Dizzee Rascal – Loco Freestyle **
Brey – Zylo
Dead Prez – Radio Frequency
J2K feat. Roses Gabor x Offshore – Dont Let Go Of The Pacer **
Gorillaz – DARE feat. Roses Gabor
Roses Gabor x Funkin Matt – Zee Freestyle **
Roses Gabor x Dr. Gonzo feat. Hudson Mohawke & Carli – Fat Lady Loves Hummus Freestyle **
Greenmoney – Into You (French Fries Remix) feat. Roses Gabor
Boddika – Breezin
TWR72 – Paradox
Roses Gabor feat. Kaigama – See Me Inna
Dr. Gonzo – That Laughin Track feat. Style of Eye & Carli
Roses Gabor – Luvsick
Redlight – Stupid (Instrumental)
SBTRKT – Pharaohs feat. Roses Gabor
The Phantom – Voyeur
Roses Gabor feat DSV & Theophilus London – Kisses
Instra:Mental – Vicodin
Ty x Starkey – Heart Is A Miracle feat. Roses Gabor (Martelo ReThink) **
Roses Gabor – Mo1
Hudson Mohawke – All Your Love
Swindle – Spend Is Dough feat. Roses Gabor
Roses Gabor – Rosie’s Advantage (Freestlye Vibe/Interlude)
Roses Gabor – Spanish Inquisition feat. Jammer

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  1. NolanWikins permalink
    November 15, 2012 4:00 pm

    check out Roses Gabor’s new video for ‘Stars’!it’s amazing

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