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THEESatisfaction – Pause & Do You Have The Time & QueenS & Sexy Girlfriend

March 15, 2012

Dude. This has been sitting in my ‘drafts’ for about three months now, which is verging on ridiculous so I’m now officially kicking it out. I wanted to share the live performance of  Seattle hip hop duo THEESatisfaction and their track ‘Pause’ for KEXP. ‘Pause’ takes a swipe at the use of the word to neutralise statements of any homosexual double-entendres – as such it’s the slightly more ambiguous cousin of ‘no homo’. Both of these terms are just tired and redundant, the unnecessary equivalent of drawing a chalk line to separate yourself from other sexualities. 

On another note, THEESatisfaction are serious grafters, you just have to visit their BandCamp page to get an idea of how long they’ve been honing their craft. But with hype slowly building and a new record deal with Sub Pop, 2012 looks likely to be the year Stasia Irons and Catherine Harris-White take it global.

Their new album awE naturalE is out in a couple of weeks and they’re gonna be on UK shores in April. I’ve been watching the KEXP performance [below] and I’m getting quite excited. You can freeload ‘QueenS’ [listen below below] from the Sub Pop website for the mere price of your email address.  And I’ve thrown in ‘Sexy Girlfriend’ [below below below] for good measure.


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