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G-Pop: Lucilectric – Mädchen

February 20, 2012

Woohoo, it’s Monday! And if you aren’t up for some nineties German pop music than you have come to the wrong place. We’ve gone back in time to 1994 and pulled Lucilectric out of the bottom of our Mary Poppin’s bag of seriously good tunes. This one was definitely in my cassette collection back in the day.

Pre-dating the Spice Girls’ Girl Power movement by a couple of years but definitely sharing the same sassy sentiment, ‘Mädchen’ [German for ‘girl’] has one of the best opening lines to a song ever. It roughly [i.e. badly] translates as “What kind of wonderful ass is that standing over there by the bar?”. It poetically continues: 

“And the man that is attached to the ass has just turned his attention to me,

I smile at him, how fantastic, I’m taking this one home

And then I just lean back and let the man make the first move

(chorus) Everything is so good because I’m a girl

Because I’m a gi-r-r-r-r-l.

Don’t talk back to me because I’ll win anyway

Because I’m a girl

Because I’m a gi-r-r-r-r-l”

Etc..etc…you get the drift.

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