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The Happy Ever After: Martyna Baker

February 14, 2012

Last night I saw Martyna Baker perform at The THE – a really effortless night of poetry and live music at the Riflemaker Gallery in Soho, hosted by the very talented [and impossibly charming] James Massiah. Being the evening before the most romantic day of the year and all [don’t roll your eyes…], everyone was showing off their best odes to unrequited love and the air of misery was tangible. 

 Always a sucker for an unhappy love song and with it currently being Valentine’s Day [don’t act so surprised, the best love songs are always sad], I had to share the two tracks Martyna played for us. Here’s the plan:

1. Watch the video for ‘Love Fast’ above.

2. Listen to ‘Don’t Take My Eyes’ – also below.

3. Go to Martyna Baker’s BandCamp page and download her EP.

4. Marvel at the fact that it’s FREE.

5. Watch her cover version of my favourite Gaga song ‘Marry The Night’ here.

6. Stay tuned for more.

P.S. Inspiration for the title of this blog post has been blatantly taken from The THE otherwise known as The Happy Everafter. Whereas Massiah uses it for the more profound exploration of life beyond the afterlife, we have appropriated it to talk about sad love songs.

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