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New Track: AlunaGeorge – You Know You Like It [B-15 Project Remix]

August 4, 2011

The last few weeks have been scathing reminders that I’m a ‘proper grown up’ now and definitely not an obnoxious sixteen year old going on holiday to Faliraki [don’t judge me!] and drowning myself in fishbowls anymore. I’m not going to grieve my youth but if I was then I’d definitely do it by rewinding B-15 Project’s ‘Girls Like Us’ over and over again on the cassette recording I did of the Ultimate Ayia Napa compilation my friend had back in school and crying into said fishbowl.

But yeah, whatever. It’s 2011 and B-15 Project have just remixed AlunaGeorge’s new single ‘You Know You Like It’ and it’s pretty badass. Nostalgia can go crawling back to the cockroach-infested holiday apartment that it came from. And in case you were wondering, yes Aluna Francis is Francis Noon from My Toys Like Me. And yes we did do an interview with them in PUB.lication 04.

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