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Girls Will Be Boys: Crystal Waters at Wigstock

July 13, 2011

Yesterday I watched the 1995 documentary Wigstock about the drag festival that up until 2005 was an annual event in New York city. Turning Battery Park into a sea of sequins, lipstick and, of course, a lot of immense wigs [back-combed within an inch of their lives], an incredible range of drag acts take to the stage. At the height of her early success with album Supermodel of The World, there’s RuPaul standing tall on a pair of spectacular legs, turning women [and men] purple with envy.

And like chain-smoking and drinking ladies of the Upper East Side, The Dueling Bankheads lip-sinc for their life to ‘Born To Be Wild’. The jaw-dropper of whole film has to be Leigh Bowery giving birth to a naked woman baby covered in ‘amniotic fluid’ and then gnawing through the ‘umbilical chord’ with his teeth. Legendary.

But for me, a self-confessed diva house junkie, I had to press the rewind button on this Crystal Water’s performance of ‘100% Pure Love’. Referencing the video for the song, she brings back the suited male dancers but this time Waters is one of them. Moustache, suit, tie and some dry-humping – sex face and everything. Pull up.

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