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Beyoncé – End Of Time [Glastonbury]

June 28, 2011

So I was ranting away on Twitter last week about my love for the new Beyoncé album and I proclaimed my top three favorite songs to be:

1. 1+1

2. End Of Time

3. Love On Top

This still stands by the way, although I have to give a special mention to ‘I Care’ and ‘Party’. I wasn’t sure about ‘Party’ at first but then after the fourth, or maybe fifth listen [whenever it was I was washing the dishes at the time…] I was singing along…loudly.

But I was excited to hear two out of my top three whilst watching her Glastonbury show [on the telly…] – in general I thought her whole performance was crazy good [I thought it couldn’t get any better when her backing singers did ‘Love Hangover’ but then B came back with a cover of Prince’s ‘The Beautiful Ones’ and nearly wet myself]. But ‘End Of Time’ was my highlight for sure – sick choreography from that crazy foot stamp at the beginning to the all-girl shuffle midway and the final stadium clap en masse. You can never go wrong with a stadium clap.

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