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SlutWalk London – no knickers, just clever signs

June 13, 2011

“Don’t be so distracted by the underwear that you forget this march is about rape.”

It was great to be part of the London SlutWalk on Saturday, marching with about 3000 other women and a very sizable and much-appreciated number of men. There were some excellent signs, slogans, chants and a fantastic array of costumes, nudity and cross-dressing.

But it wasn’t about knickers and it wasn’t about the word ‘slut’, it was about rape.  What women wear, how much they drink and how they behave should not be the issue when a woman accuses a man of rape – there is no excuse. “The only time I’m asking for it is when I ask for it”.

There was a fantastic sign that I didn’t manage to take a photograph of that said “Teach don’t rape, not don’t get raped” and I think that is a very important issue. Adverts like this are, to put it bluntly, fucked up. The message should be, if you’re an unbooked mini cab driver you should not assault your passengers or you will face severe consequences – simple. You don’t tell people to watch out for drunk drivers, you tell drivers not to drink.

If you’re confused, then check out these simple sexual assault prevention tips.

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