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Spine TV Guest Mix – Pursuit Grooves

June 6, 2011

Because pop will inevitably eat itself we should all be prepared for the hipster-followed-by-mainstream kidnapping of the early 2000s. Do not even kid yourself if you think there won’t come a time when all the clubs will be bumping Ja Rule, Mystikal, Nelly ft. Kelly and Ashanti again. I’ve always felt fear at the thought of a noughties revival – mainly because I don’t think I can handle hoop earrings, boot-cut hip-huggers or pointy-toed, high-heeled Timberlands again.

But this mix from Brooklynite Pursuit Grooves for Spine TV soothes my nerves. You can’t really go wrong if you start a mix with Me’Shell NdegéOcello but not only that,  ‘Priorites 1-6’ was on the Cookie album – a major highlight of 2002. But who are we kidding, the chances of hearing Me’Shell down at The Alibi are pretty damn slim.Usher’s ‘That’s What It’s Made For’ though? Or Case? Or Ja Rule ft. Tweet & Missy Elliot? Or Aaliyah? Maybe this could work.

Of course, we’re still thoroughly digesting the nineties still and this mix also has plenty of Soul II Soul,  SWV, Sweet Sable and Dangerous-era Michael Jackson to prove it.

 [Click the image above to listen to the mix]

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