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New [wtf] video: Rhian Benson ft. Jonas – BE

June 5, 2011

Yes, so, ummm….yeah, it’s taken me a while to decide but I’ve come to the conclusion that I am into this song. I’ve been so distracted by the ridiculously wierd video that I honestly had to let the song marinade in my head for a bit (far, far away from the computer where I wouldn’t be tempted to sneak another peak just to make sure I hadn’t made it up). Of course, I could’ve looked for a stream instead of actually sharing the video and several of my favourite screenshots of it with you but that wouldn’t be as fun.

Yeah so…as you’ll see, Rhian Benson runs through a desert – she looks like she’s either stuck in Second Life or you can now buy sand in tile format. She’s looking quite frantic but of course she spots a lone door which she heads towards quickly. But as soon as she steps inside, it’s dark and there’s lava and fire and machines(?) harrassing her. She escapes through another door where she chances upon a ocean, looking down at her reflection she falls into the water [without causing any splash]. The full moon shines above the still waters until… Ta-da! The sun has come out and Rhian emerges from the ocean covered in gold. She rises up and floats away into the sky.

 I think it must be some sort of metaphor for something but I’m not quite sure what yet….

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