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The Sexuality Issue x Christina Aguilera

June 1, 2011

“I decided that ‘Dirrty’ was my I-don’t-give-a-fuck song, I needed to release all of the repression and the sexual energy I was feeling as a woman.  And as a female there is nothing wrong with expressing that and that is always apparent in my message because it’s very important that we are never shamed for expressing our sexuality, and we are never ridiculed or criticized or labelled, which as women we tend to be far more than the opposite sex. I make sure that I am very in control whenever I am expressing myself in that manner or in a video of mine…”

 As always I am bang up-to-date with current affairs, which is why I am writing about Christina Aguilera’s appearance on VH1 Storytellers almost a year after it happened. Having just been dealing with gender and music in my university course and listening to some of my classmates crucify current performers like The Pussycat Dolls for being over-sexualised, I think it’s really interesting listening to a pop singer talk about that form of expression. And I think it’s poignant that Christina wanted let people know that she was in control of that image.

Too often I hear statements about female artists being used by the industry; that they could never have chosen to portray themselves in a certain manner deemed ‘too sexy’. Of course it’s important that women aren’t exploited and I understand the concern but I also think it’s very patronising to assume women never call the shots.

Rather then getting all hot under the collar about the prevalence of chaps during her Stripped period, I’m inclined to feel more indignant about the sickly, sweet image of her debut or that horrendous Christmas album. Because there’s nothing like serving up watered-down versions of femininity and sexual repression to make me want to get on my soapbox.   

[Skip to the 2:10 mark of the above video to hear Christina’s version of events.]

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