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Dancing Lessons: Contemporary Mystical World

May 31, 2011

 Having had some beautiful discourse about dancing with two close friends over the last couple of days, negative and positive, I’m really wanted to make some room for it here – especially as it is so instintively connected to music anyway.

So sticking to the positive, one of my friends was showing me videos of Banafsheh Sayyad yesterday that I have to share. We met Banafsheh at the Burning Man festival in 2009 where she danced at the Opulent Temple and since then, as a fellow Iranian, my friend has kept in touch and been to one of Banafsheh’s workshops [this friend, to whom I keep mysteriously referring to, is also an amazing dancer – hopefully, one day, she will get her ass in gear and film herself in motion so that I can post them here too!]. 

Banafsheh’s style draws from many forms but is primarily a mixture of traditional Persian, meditative Sufi dance and flamenco.  She is so enviously fluid and, in ecstatic ritual, watching her whirl is both incredible and dizzying at the same time.

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