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Girls Will Be Boys (and brides): Madonna #2

May 19, 2011

My Music & Culture course at Goldsmiths recently hit the gender studies lectures that as you can imagine made me very happy [and also angry – I polished my soapbox especially]. The infamous Madonna performance from the MTV Video Awards in 2003 made a little appearance and sparked mild outrage amongst a select few of my small-minded classmates.

Not because they objected to girl-on-girl kissing mind, but because it was ‘all for publicity’ and didn’t really mean anything. Apparently Madonna is ‘all show’, ‘doesn’t write her own songs’ andd ‘is all just a performance’ – oh and [queue bright red face and banging head on table] ‘Billie Holiday never had to do anything like this’!

No I don’t recall Billie Holiday donning a female tuxedo and tangoing with Britney Spears, but it could’ve been pretty special if she did…

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