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Things I Learnt In Sweden Pt. 2

May 12, 2011

Having just spent six days in a summer house in the middle of the Swedish countryside with no internet or television; only puzzles, an eccentric German man popping by every now and then and the radio for company, we became very familiar with P3, Sweden’s answer to Radio 1. But P3 is not like Radio 1 in many ways mainly because it actually plays decent music. 

Of course the UK embraces all Sweden’s wonderful airy-fairy pop music – we can’t get enough of Lykke Li or The Knife or (like me) Niki and The Dove or (not like me) Robyn but they’re not exactly on heavy rotation on P3 [apart from Robyn, they play her all the time].

You know what is on heavy rotation? Swedish rap duo Mohammed Ali. 

It’s a rather catchy tune called ‘Postkodsmiljonär’ – or Postcode Millionaire if you haven’t already worked it out. The video features two kids dancing around Stockholm’s ridiculously expensive Metro system, so expensive it’s no wonder they scam the ticket booth with doctored Metro coupons. Go on my sons…

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