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Out Now: Fat Quarter Issue 3

April 15, 2011

Last night was the launch of Fat Quarter’s Issue No. 3, held at the rough but lovely George Tavern on Commercial Road. The DIY publishing venture of my good friend Katie Allen, Fat Quarter is a brilliant magazine for crafty, creative and intelligent women.

Just this morning I happened across the latest issue of Heat magazine and having just barely passed the contents page, I was already confronted with a full-body examination of bikini-clad pics of the girls from The Saturdays. In Heat’s inimitable style – big arrows and circles and red letters – this incredibly attractive group of women were having all their ‘inadequacies’ and ‘insecurities’ picked apart.

It made me realise just how important magazines like Katie’s Fat Quarter are, a publication where women can walk away feeling inspired, informed, intrigued and, most importantly, not questioning their own appearance and confidence. Because I’ll tell you this for free, my thighs are twice the size and have buckets more cellulite then Frankie from The Saturdays. Heat magazine would have a field day drawing massive arrows, highlighting, circling, and zooming in all over my holiday snaps if they ever got a hold of them. The bastards.

So instead of gaping slack-jawed like guppies at these mind-numbing publications, grab a copy of Fat Quarter with features on the Drag King scene, being out, about and grrrly in the UK, an interview with Kristin Hersch from The Throwing Muses, book reviews, music reviews, craft tips and even a sneaky recipe!

[Click on the cover for more!]

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