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The Immaculate Spotify Collection Challenge

April 4, 2011

Oh it’s been a long time since I last massacred a really good album with a dirge of cover versions from Spotify.

And as we are in the middle of a ongoing homage to female musicians [ in light of the recent Girlie Issue of PUB.lication] what better album to pick on than über-femme Madonna’s Immaculate Collection. Obviously because it’s one of the greatest greatest hits albums ever but also because you can guarantee every track on there has been covered at least once…or twice…or thrice…or…yeah you catch my drift.

This is controversial but I think this might be the best Spotify Challege so far. This is the darkest, wierdest, most menacing version you could possibly hope to make out of a collection of genius pop songs. It’s almost as if you can’t cover a Madonna song unless your willing to wig the fuck out whilst doing it.

Topping off the list for most wigged-out is Sonic Youth’s (as Ciccone Youth) ‘Into The Groove’, ‘Papa Don’t Preach’ as a gregorian chant and David Hasselhoff (YES IT’S THE HOFF!) doing a really awful, terrible, repulsive version of ‘La Isla Bonita’. He sounds like a sweaty bar singer at a cheap, all-inclusive  resort – the one who hits on all the barely-of-age girls who are on holiday with their parents.

But once you get through all of that you’re rewarded with the Adeva version of ‘Rescue Me’. If you’re ready for this, click here.

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