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PUB.lication 05 – The Girlie Issue

March 14, 2011

19 months in the making, PUB.lication 05 – The Girlie Issue has finally made it into the world. Inspired by, and as a salute to, all the all-female bands and women in the music industry who have made me think about gender in popular music and culture. The women who have picked up their curvaceous guitars, strutted their stuff, rocked out with their frock out, or just been holding the fort behind-the-scenes making sure we don’t get taken for a ride.

Featuring Seattle’s NighTrain, the legendary Raincoats, a special guest slot by Shotgun Seamstress, a concise look at the girls who kicked it all off in the Motown era by Jameela Oberman, an interview with Strength In Numbers, another excellent illustration by Anna Weeks and more… [And I would like to apologise to all my contributors for making them wait!]

[Click on the image above to read the The Girlie Issue]


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