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Charity shop = all for under 7 quid pt. 1

March 24, 2010

I’d say I had a pretty successful day today. That’s if you can measure success by how much random stuff you can pick up at Barnado’s for under a tenner. Or £6.41 to be exact. I admit, I got sucked in at the cassette rack again but I did find the strength the leave the Purple Rain cassette behind. As much as it broke my heart, I decided that since I already have the album in three different formats already, I probably didn’t need a fourth. But, no, your eyes don’t deceive you, I still picked up the ‘I Hate You’ single off The Gold Experience album. Baby steps.

Another item I am now pleased is in my possession is the Vanessa Paradis album. I don’t know how many times I get into conversations with people about how ridiculously jealous I am of this woman because she’s dated both of my favourite men in the whole world [hint: one of them produced this album]. And then I start talking about her music career and how she had that track ‘Be My Baby’, which is usually followed by blank stares of non-recognition. So then I sing it really badly because despite how catchy it is, I can never seem to properly remember the tune. But the point is, that for some reason I thought having the cassette would alleviate this problem. Don’t ask me why.

And then there’s this:

I couldn’t resist. I’ll regret it later when I find it covered in dust, taking up precious space in my already cluttered room but for now I’m still chuckling. I was going to really get into why this brings me so much joy which involved elaborate use of Photoshop and a half-naked man in a turtleneck but instead I’ll just let it speak for itself.

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