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Charity Shop VHS pt. 1 – Pump Up The Volume

March 1, 2010

I think I read in a Vice magazine Student Guide sometime ago about the benefits of not throwing away those 14″ TVs with built-in VHS players because charity shops are literally brimming with ridiculously cheap videos that coupled with a bottle of supermarket’s own red wine can make for a very cheap night in.

What sound advice coming from the same people who said this was a ‘Do’ and this was a ‘Don’t’ (the all-in-one moustaches, nose and glasses ‘disguise’ is always a do in my books).

This is one half of the VHS gold I found in my local charity shop today for an almost criminal 49p. Fitting in nicely with my soft spot for all things 90s: Christian Slater plays loner who becomes a pirate radio DJ in a bid to let out all his teenage angst by filling the airwaves with alternative tunes like this:

and this:

and this (this video may contain breasts and the word ‘cock ring’):

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