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Pop Fashion: Brand Nubian = Hip Hop

February 25, 2010

If your knowledge of hip hop doesn’t go further back into history than Puff Daddy’s solo career , you’ve probably never seen the Brand Nubian ‘Wake Up’ video. I wish I could be really smug about it but everything I know I’ve learnt over the last seven years from two brothers with a sick record collection. Because this video came out in ’91, when there was nothing on my Walkman other than three MJ albums…

Anyway apart from being a tune with a capital ‘T’, the best thing about this video are the clothes. Here’s a closer look at those shirts (spot the Malcolm X chain):

And then there’s this dude at the beginning of the video with the white tracksuit, gold glasses and the kufi cap talking to another dude with the one of the best hi-tops ever…

I went a bit crazy with the screen grabs but look, we’ve got those super-rounded sunglasses (I have a pair, I’m gonna bring ’em back), the faded denim jacket,  a bunch of funky old men with a special array of kufi caps especially the knitted ‘JUSTICE’ number…

Oh ok,  this is just an over-exposed dance sequence….why don’t people dance like this anymore? I blame it on the ‘lean back’…

And even the ladies don’t get left out…

The full video and a few others from the ‘All For One’ album after the jump…


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