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#MusicMonday – Othello Woolf

February 1, 2010

I’ve just had Othello Woolf’s new 7″ single ‘Stand’ sent to me – beautiful, white vinyl out on Young And Lost Club – and just as it’s supposed to, it has me quite excited about what a whole album could entail. There seems to have been a bit of an internet stir about him towards the end of last year that I completely managed to miss, probably because I was so wrapped up in learning the art of making a good cappuccino (all that friggin’ froth…).

The terms ‘R&B’, ‘soul’ and even ‘neo-soul’ (according to the Guardian) are being bandied about a bit – possibly because R&B, no longer the dust-covered guilty pleasure at the bottom of your record collection, is fast-becoming the hippest influence in town. Although in Othello’s case, I think we’re about 25 years in advance of R. Kelly ‘Ignition’ territory. There’s an air of 80’s synth n’ B to his moody compositions, like Grace Jones’ Bulletproof Heart but with David Byrne, or perhaps Neil Tennant vocals.

Othello Woolfe – Deep Water

Othello Woolfe – Stand (Golden Silvers Remix)

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