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Things I’m looking forward to in 2010 #2

January 20, 2010

Made it down to White Heat at Madame JoJo’s last night after signing up to review the Men gig for Bearded. Mentally, I’ve slapped a ‘Well Done’ scratch ‘n’ sniff sticker on my back just like I used to get in kindergarten when I’d learned to do all those things we now take for granted such as tying shoelaces and reciting the alphabet. It probably smells of mint and will infest my school bag for the remaining year but, boy am I proud of it.

I don’t usually go giddy with self satisfaction just for going to a gig but I’ve been slacking a lot recently. Dark, winter evenings, stupid cold, standard Christmas hibernation and then s-n-o-w (for fear of its return I’m not gonna say the word – unless it returns and we get another no-one-can-go-to-work day, in that case SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!)…none of those things make me want to venture further than the newsagent at the bottom of road where I can top up on Kinder Buenos and this fizzy lychee drink thing that I’ve just recently discovered.

But the point is, I got to see Trash Kit live last night and they smacked it. At least they shut one of my mates who tagged along right up, who after dabbling in some casual misogyny about how they were probably just a bunch of screaming girls, got a huge dose of afro-beat rammed down his throat in reply. *Giggle*

So now I’ve got to my hands on a copy of their self-titled debut album that’s coming out in February; but until then wrap your ears around this:

Trash Kit \’Cadets\’

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