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Alternative MTV – a video round-up

January 19, 2010

I thought this would be a really simple post as I’d assumed that there would be loads of good videos floating about the net but it seems a lot of bands think they can get away with what are practically just slideshows of grainy 70s-style images and that just doesn’t cut it. I mean you don’t need a Hype Williams-esque budget [what was it for Janet Jackson ft. Busta Rhymes? 2.5 million dollars?] but you can push the boat out a bit with next to no mullah.

Moan over.

So I’ve tracked down four recent-ish videos worth checking out. Starting with the new Gil Scott-Heron single ‘Me And The Devil’ from his upcoming album I’m New Here that’s out in February on XL and will be his first in 13 years. The video is gracefully monochrome but suitably disturbing.

And then a new Joy Orbison track ‘BRKLN CLLN’ – it’s probably a Disney parade but it looks just like Burning Man at nighthmmmm.

Not sure about this track but the video is slick: Sia – ‘You’ve Changed’

Finally – Maluca’s ‘El Tigeraso’. Diplo just can’t seem to help himself, there’s definitely a constant need to bastardise certain genres over and over again. Maybe that’s slightly unfair because I’m not completely averse to everything he does but this Maluca track threatens to grind my auditory system into zesty lemon shred. Still, I likey the video – there’s something very Wyclef/Lauryn Hill in the 90s about the quality of it.

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