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Album of the Year 2009

December 4, 2009

1. Micachu & the Shapes – Jewellery

Personally, I think Micachu owned this year. Her debut album was filled with gloriously odd, deconstructed even decomposed pop songs. It basically had ‘Mercury Prize’ written all over it but…yeah, that didn’t happen.

I loved it so much, I wasn’t even adverse to reviewing it twice. I’ve posted the review I did for PUB.lication already but if I can find the Bearded review I’ll squeeze that in here too.

…and now for some honorary mentions:

Little Dragon – Machine Dreams

It took a while for it to prove to my ears that it was more than just pleasant uptempo background music but my ears can be really surly sometimes…

Mos Def  – The Ecstatic

I think it’s been a bit of a sad year for hip hop, apart from Speech Debelle’s Speech Therapy and Mos’ new album, it’s all gone a bit cold [but not dead, Simon Reynolds – hip hop, like rock ‘n’ roll, will never die, it will just subdivide until you can no longer refer to it as a whole].

Heartless Bastards – The Mountain

They’re like a 90s band who arrived a decade too late. Erika Wennerstrom has something suspiciously Linda Perry about her and I love it.

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