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Top 10 Albums of 2009 Pt.2

December 3, 2009

The countdown continues and already I’m beginning to second guess yesterday’s choices….

5. My Toys Like Me – Where We Are

It’s the murky but sickly sweet pop production that gets me on this record. The creation of one mad scientist escaping the battlefield of the mid 90s illegal rave scene and a memerising front woman in exile from surbaban St. Albans. They’re as perfectly odd a duo as their stage names Frances Noon and Lazlo Lezeger suggest. We interviewed them for PUB.lication and so far no one other band has been able to top them for the amount of crazy stories these two have to share, from deranged tales of pyromaniac squat neighbours to squandering entire student loans on a vintage synthesizers.

4. Wildbirds & Peacedrums – The Snake

I first heard this album on a rather miserable internship I did at Music Week back in February. When you’re 25 and people in the office are asking you what college you go to, you can either choose to be flattered that you still pass for a fresh-faced student or get mightily depressed that no one’s gonna take you that seriously. Personally I just wrapped myself up in the warm blanket provided by this album and struggled to remember some shorthand and the proper structure of a news story whilst interviewing record stores about how they’d coped with the ‘snow day. I knew the NCTJ was good for something.

3. Girls – Album

Oh San Francisco, I love you and all the blonde, long-haired and blue-eyed boys you set free into this world. And then they write albums about love affairs gone wrong and broken hearts and I melt even more. Saw them at Pure Groove on a lovely lunchtime slot, bought their LP, geeked out and got them all to sign it for me. And of course I told them about my love affair with SF and it’s hippy little sister Santa Cruz and they humoured me all along. Good times.

2. The xx – xx

No seriously, whose ‘album of the year’ list hasn’t this album featured on? I tried and failed miserably to find a soul album to put on mine, I am 90’s neo soul girl to the core. I grew up on D’Angelo, Miss Badu and Jilly from Philly but even Maxwell’s long-awaited comeback left me cold. Pretty wings…yadiyadiya…EJECT. But this album has all the soul I’ll ever need for 2009, it’s desperately sexual, overtly emotional and every song wants to get me in bed.

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