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Twisted Tongue – Twisted Tongue [Acid Jazz]

September 12, 2009

What’s the deal with funk and outer space? So P-Funk arrived on the mothership – we all know that’s an ingenious story dragged from the drugalicious depth of George Clinton and his cohort’s mind. So when is funk gonna up sticks and move somewhere sunnier?

Bognor perhaps? Book a chalet at Butlins and take a break from carousing around other galaxies for a minute. Get involved in some Sunday morning water aerobics, take advantage of the buffet, just generally chill out from all the smoke machines and grown men in nappies.

No, seriously now – I know funk has moved out of the Milky Way a couple of times, not least when it touched down in Minneapolis and got in bed with a miniature purple genius and all his affiliates (Morris Day & The Time, Vanity 6, Jill Jones, Andre Cymone…).

And this is where Twisted Tongue sits, somewhere between the stratosphere and the Minneapolis funk machine. Sometimes like the oil that greases the inner workings, sometimes like a rogue spanner caught in the cogs.

Heavily sampling Nikka Costa’s ‘Like a Feather’, opening track ‘You Want That Soul?’ is like a fishing net to drag in all the funky steppers of clubland’s undergrowth. But then again, Costa’s original was a track to be reckoned with in the first place and I did say ‘heavily’ sampled…

From there on, it’s hit and miss: ‘Got A Good Thing’ hit, ‘Freak for Armageddon’ a bit iffy (great sax though), and ‘Oh Father! My Own Nunk Band’: a definite miss with cheap, tinny plastic beats and high-wired vocals.

But still, ‘Niagra Song’ and the ‘Feelin’ Junie Medley’ keep the machine nicely oiled while only ‘Love In The City’ causes any real damage to the mechanism of this noteworthy record.

[Originally reviewed for Bearded Magazine]

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