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Débruit – Let’s Post Funk [Civil]

August 30, 2009

A plastic-fantastic club tune, French DJ Débruit’s single ‘Let’s Post Funk’ breaks beats by slapping them with a rubber mattress. Together with Om’Mas Keith, one third of Sa-Ra Creative Partners (lots of love for them across the channel, not enough love UK-side), the first track off the single ‘I’m Going Wit’ You’ is a slow-burning dancefloor blaze.

Keith’s soulful vocals drip like marshmallow fluff all over the circuit boards and like jumping on a trumpeting accordion that’s been plugged into a vocoder, this chunky slab of perspex tunery has been vacuum-formed tightly to the pulsating beat.

Accompanied by a repetitive but impressive 3-D video, Débruit’s skills get visually-enhanced. But along with the extra dimension cinema explosion, it won’t be long before red and blue lens glasses become a household staple, and even another accessory for the high street bric-a-brac section.

The B-side stands up in the name of all the Spank Rockers, but this is West Coast B-More (WC-More?). ‘Soles Sweat’ features 215 TFK, or The Freshest Kidz for those of you who are not down enough, together with Stray: the cream of the hipster hip hop scene. Spitting out of windows and keeping up with this grizzly fast-paced truck of a track, is no mean feat. And one that the TFK and Stray manage to do without missing a beat, ripping their jeans or scuffing a sneaker

[Originally reviewed for Bearded Magazine]

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