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My Toys Like Me – Where We Are [Dumb Angel]

August 22, 2009

Female-fronted poptronica in all shapes and sizes is on a roll. And London is popping out these hot new dance acts like a PEZ dispenser. Lift its lid even slightly and you’re sucking on another cracking and fizzy act.

So, like getting a mouth full of different flavours all at one time, My Toys Like Me’s debut Where We Are surprises from all angles. No-so-shrinking violet and singer Frances Noon, all legs and sparkle, has together with producer Lazlo Legezer served up a cooking pot of cyber candy where (let’s take the sweets analogy and run with it, shall we?) flying saucers drop pop rock bombs, there’s sticky fruit salad and a whole heap of hubba bubba.

Not one corner of the dancefloor is left uncovered; their disjointed beats are enough to confuse even those with the strongest sense of rhythm, challenging you to a gladiator-style stand off with each track.

Causing cracks to erupt in the floorboards, ‘Barnaby’ leads the contenders out of the holding pit and into the arena, it’s fearsome and if you didn’t bring the right shoes, you better sit down. ‘Superpowers’ is a worthy wingman but ‘Grin & Wriggle’ with its crunching bassline is the dirtiest fighter.

Don’t underestimate the heavy artillery hidden up their sleeves either, ‘Sick Couple’ (referencing Noon and Legezer’s collabo perhaps?) will whip a violin out on you if you’re not careful and no,  ‘All Over My Face’ is not pleased to see you, that’s a whole mariachi band in its pocket.

But if you’re left feeling ecstatically battered, MTLM’s Van Morrison cover of ‘The Way Young Lovers Do’, albeit shortened to just ‘Young Lovers’, will be ready with plasters and cuddles just when you thought you’d been defeated.

[Originally reviewed for Bearded Magazine]

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