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Micachu – Jewellery [Rough Trade]

July 5, 2009

Unemployed ladies of the UK: fuck the recession, get yourself any old noise-making machine and start a pop career. There could be no better time to avoid queuing up at 9am every two weeks to sign on with your local job centre. London accents are useful, shiny gadgetry is even better. Get yourself a couple of gigs; a following of neon-wearing youths and soon A&Rs will be forming orderly lines to get their greedy mitts on you.

Admittedly this might not be a watertight plan, I probably wouldn’t write it down in your jobseeker’s booklet for some disinterested DWP minion to sign. But you can’t deny that techno-savvy women are rocking the industry at the moment. Obviously some more gracefully then others – notmentioninganynamesladygaga. And all I’m saying is that considering the odds, this could be a clever time to dig out the instruction manual to your Tenorion/analogue synthesizer/noisy household appliance.

But if you choose the latter, you better be prepared to produce something as brilliant as Micachu & The Shape’s vacuum cleaning debut album Jewellery. Like droning electro funk taking place in the middle of laser-touting space warfare, tracks such as ‘Curly Teeth’ and ‘Golden Phone’ rip out the hearts of dance floor weaklings and eat them in the in their post-clubbing kebabs. A particular heart-warmer, ‘Just In Case’ plays with the idea of acoustic guitars and singer-songwriter angst but throws in a heavy dose of barn-burning favela beats just to throw you off the trail. It’s a hard example to follow but I reckon once you’ve mastered the smoothie maker, it could be done.

[Originally reviewed for PUB.lication]

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